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Legal policies

Legal policies
The www.dmties.com website contents, such texts, sounds, pictures, films, graphic and software, as well as the free downloadable documents, are protected according to the copyrights laws, on licences and intellectual property. The contents could be released in Copyright modality, with all rights reserved.
The reproduction or the distribution of a part or of all documents is authorized in any form, by any communication means (internet included), as long as they are not subjected to changes or used for commercial purposes. Particularly, on these documents, the website name www.dmties.com, the URL www.dmties.com and a lettering - in which there has to be written that these documents have been released for free - must always be visible.
The trademarks - which have been mentioned in this website - belong to DM Ties, and they can be protected by licences and/or copyrights released or registered by the accountable authorities.   Therefore, they can be downloaded or used only in modalities that have been provided by the same authorities, for non-commercial purposes: so, nothing, neither partially, can be reproduced, modified or re-sold to make profits. 
The website contents don't have a legal value; attention should also be paid to officially adopted texts that have been published on the EU Official Journal or from  other international Conventions and Treaty. In case of a mismatch between the two texts, the EU one prevail on the website contents.

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