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How to make your bow tie knot

BOW TIE KNOT: the eccentric one

There are some occasions in which the bow tie reigns supreme: ceremonies, operas, parties. The papillon likely derives from the Croatian soldiers of fortune. During the Thirty years’ War, in the XVII century, they used a ribbon to tie their shirts which didn’t have any button. This method was “adopted” in French men fashion and then in the other European countries. In Italy it was a symbol attributed to futurists, communists, anarchists and in general to revolutionary people, since it contrasted with the bourgeois strictness. In our Country, the “Madam Butterfly” mise-en-scene in La Scala Theater, Milan, 1904, made this kind of tie famous as “butterfly”, “papillon” in French, in honor of Puccini. Nowadays, the “day necktie” is one of the most showy ways to distinguish ourselves. It denotes fantasy, creativity, freedom of spirit. We have a ”pre-tied” bow tie (with a collar provided with a latch and a regulation system) and a self-tie bow tie (it appears as a simple tape). The steps to tie it are very simple:

  1. Put the tape around your collar and cross the two parts of the bow ties. One has to be a bit longer than the other one, since it will be used to make the knot;
  2. Take the longer leg towards the collar, passing below the papillon;
  3. Fold the shorter part towards the right side;
  4. With your hand, keep the folded part and let the longer part fall on the folded one;
  5. Take the longer part of the papillon behind the folded part. Put it through the little loop that you’ve created and make it go out on the other side;
  6. Tighten the papillon and arrange the two sides so to give symmetry to the bow tie.

A little trick: it’s recommended to match the two bow ties extremities with the external corners of your eyes!

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