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DM Ties – Italian handmade silk ties and garments



DM Ties – Italian handmade silk ties and garments

Our sartorial laboratory produces precious silk items, for ceremonies and other official events. Our garments impress for their unique Italian style and the high-quality Italian production materials. Even the most watchful eye will be delighted and irremediably seduced by the results of a precise and accurate work, that expresses itself through the perfect finishes of these hi-fashion jewels.

We, at DM Ties, chose to sell our high-quality handmade products on the internet, like ties, bow ties, pocket squares and ascots, to reach a higher number of customers and make ourselves known and appreciated. Ties, and generally all the products we create, could be on-demand customized, according to the hard-to-please customers’ tastes, obtaining perfect and guaranteed “Made in Italy” results.

DM Ties, an inspired union of high-quality and extraordinary prices!



DM Ties – Quality and tradition in ties and garments production.


The history of this laboratory reflects our passion and our know-how. All began in the 70’s in Como, the centuries-old world capital of the best silk. There, Mr. Vito Rufolo, brother of DM Ties administrator, Mr.s Marisa, began to work for the sales department of one of the most important silk factories. His innate talent was so big that he managed to found his own silk factory in the 80’s. Afterwards he created his clothing brand, obviously with his name, that he managed to export all over the world.

Shortly afterwards, his firm were going so well that we decided to found another one ourselves, to collaborate with and support his firm as outside contractors. In the early 90’s in Salerno, near Naples, known as the haute couture clothing world capital, we inaugurated a ties sartorial laboratory. Over the years we have had the honor of working for important customers, such as Gucci, E. Zegna, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Les Copains etc., preserving the humility, a quality that was necessary to keep bearing in mind that you never stop improving.

With the same spirit, since the beginning of our business, we have been focusing on ties, learning to create them so well that now they are called “authentic sartorial jewels”. Then we unleashed our creativity and we started to develop always more elaborated ties’ models (such as the Unlined Sevenfold tie) and create other garments such as ascots, bow ties, pocket squares and silk foulards for men, putting, as usual, the maximum effort and an “intense quality imprint without any compromise in it!”.  

The profound connection between Como, the “Style Capital”, and Salerno, the “Haute couture Capital”, allowed us to develop, rather quickly, a notable experience in the silk sector and in the Made in Italy field. As a result we started fruitful partnerships with some of the best silk factories in the world.

Since we were born, we’ve been mainly working abroad and we still keep doing that. We receive purchase orders from every part of the world: US and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia. Over the years we’ve always been holding to our idea, exporting only high-quality items, because we believe that this will always pay off!



About us

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DM Ties – Ties and Garments Sartorial Laboratory

We are the Malangone’s, an Italian family that runs a sartorial laboratory in Salerno, near Naples, that produces ties and other top-of-the-range clothing garments. We do our job with passion and precision, the same qualities we consider during the material selection and the production phase. Our production times are set by quality, not by quantity. We pay particular attention to every single production phase. Our philosophy is to focus as much as we can on finishes and details, since we think these are features that make the difference to reach high quality. Our most distinctive trait is the handmade production, that distinguishes every production phase. In fact, it has become a rarity. Our team is not made by workers; is made by skillful workforce, used to the most precise and elaborate sartorial work.

For two generations, we’ve been carrying out an authentic sartorial fashion project, following the true Made in Italy traditional path, also considered as a lifestyle. We constantly research the harmony between quality, beauty and style.

Distinguished Man Ties, is the trademark we present ourselves with in Italy and abroad. Our motto is: not simple ties, but rather the best ties, those that the “the man who loves to distinguish himself” would choose.


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