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Right of withdrawal


Right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal consists of the "possibility, for one of the two contracting parties, to withdraw from a contract, deleting all of its obligations without the agreement of the other party, not risking to pay any penalty". If, for any reason, your order doesn't satisfy you, you can exercise the withdrawal right within and not after 10 days from the moment in which you will receive your items (the time will start from the date in the proof of the delivery documentation) except for custom-cut and customized items as they will no longer be saleable.  The shipping costs are on your expense. You can choose how to manage the returned items, by selecting between different options: o Item substitution

o Refund: the price you've paid for the returned items. Shipping costs, gift packaging etc. are not reimbursable.

The 50%-off (or more) or the promotion items couldn't be returned. Whether you will apply for a refund, the possible giveaways must be returned.


Requirements to properly exercise the withdrawal right

For exercising the withdrawal right, you will have to fulfil these simple terms, so to be refunded of the purchase order paid amount.

• The withdrawal request has to be made no later than the 10th day from the delivery day, via email to info@dmties.com. If the request comes later than the 10th day, it will not be accepted.

• The items must be returned through no more than one shipment and they must be put inside their original packaging together with the possible giveaways, in case of a complete return. The items of the same order that will be sent in different times won't be accepted, if one of these items will be sent later than the 10th day from the delivery moment.

• The item you send has to be intact. It doesn't have to be used and damaged.


Non-acceptance of returned items by DM Ties

In case the above mentioned terms were not fulfilled or the returned items have been damaged or visibly used, DM Ties could not accept them. In this case you can decide to receive again the purchased products, with the shipping costs on your expense.  It won't be possible to refuse the sent items.



The total amount refund of the items prices will occur no later than 30 days from the returned items reception date.  The refund time varies according to the payment method you've chosen:

• Credit card: the refund time depends on the bank that issued the credit card.  So, as soon as possible, once that the same bank will have credited the above-mentioned amount on our account, we will credit it in to your bank account. Once the refund will be completed, you will receive a notification email.

• Paypal: the refund will be directly executed on the Paypal account and it will be immediately visible. The same Paypal organization will send a notification which will confirm the refund and, afterwards, you will be contacted via email by our customer care service.

• Bank transfer: in this case you will be contacted by our customer care service, which will ask you for your account details to re-credit the previously paid account.  The necessary time to obtain a re-credit on your bank account depends on the procedures and schedules of your bank.

• Cash on Delivery: to obtain the refund you must have a bank account. You will be contacted by our customer care service for details regarding the amount re-credit.


Shipping method

Once you have exercised the withdrawal right, no later than 10 days from the items delivery, with a written communication, you will have other 20 days to return them to:

DM Ties Via Pompei 84098 - Pontecagnano Faiano (SA)


Faulty returned items

DM Ties makes a quality control at every manufacturing phase. So, it is quite unlikely that a faulty item could be sent.  In case you receive faulty items, you shall send an email to info@dmties.com no later than 48 hours from the items reception, where you have to write the kind of flaw your item presents, your data and the purchase order code. You will be contacted as soon as possible, to complete the return procedure. In this case, the shipping costs will be on our expense. All the returned items could be re-sent via pony express, following these steps:

• Contacting our customer care service to make agreements on the collection date.

• The pony express will come to collect the items. This operation is free of charge.

If you decide to directly make agreements with the pony express, you could request to DM Ties for a pre-printed waybill, you will receive via email on the address you have to write.

If you decide to use a different courier, the shipping costs will be on your expense and possible responsibilities for loss or damages will be yours.

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