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The Manufacturing Process



Squares, chalks and scissors.

Needles and threads.

Tailor’s measuring tape and dexterity.

Quality control and expertise.

Passion and... above all...patience, a lot of patience!

Every element marks each of the working phases. The result is a precise, meticulous manufacturing process that leads to excellent finishes, that are soft and resistant at the same time. Long-lasting creations, produced with passion.


Every single piece has its history, its own soul, a little bit of us.

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Tailoring quality

Cravatta Made in ItalyMade in Italy e artigianalitàLa garanzia della qualità...

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Our contacts

DM Ties Srl 
Via Pompei
84098 Pontecagnano Faiano
Salerno, Italy

Take a look at the DM Ties lab!