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How to tie your Scarf or Foulard


The scarf is a garment composed by a fabric stripe of a certain width, that we wear around our neck. In the past we mainly used it to cover ourselves from the cold during the winter; now we use it during spring and summer days for reasons of fashion. Curiosity: the first silk scarves were used in the first airplanes; the pilots tried not to breathe the aircraft exhaust gases by covering their face with a scarf! Basically, there are two ways to tie a scarf:

  1. First of all, if you have a wide scarf, fold it on itself;
  2. Put it around your neck and cross the extremities, taking the right side below the scarf, towards the neck;
  3. Let the same side go out from the neck and let it fall above the other side.


The other way, called “slip-knot” , is quite simple:

  1. Fold the scarf alongside the length, matching the width extremities, and put it around your neck;
  2. Put the length extremities through the ring you’ve created and pull them until the scarf adheres to the neck. Decide if you want to tighten your scarf or not.

THE FOULARD: a women’s touch of class

The “Foulard” is a neckerchief created with different fabrics, mainly with silk, cotton or wool. In the clothing field, its use could be different. The foulard could be worn on the head, as a headgear, around the neck, on the shoulders, tied to a bag handle, as a belt. It could be of a lot of colors, even printed in different motifs. The word “foulard” is French and it represents the silk neckerchief. It’s always been a typically woman garment but, during the last years, the most important fashion houses and the fashion industry, have introduced a particular foulard and scarves use in to men’s fashion. There are a lot of ways to tie a foulard:

Fold the foulard so to obtain a triangle, as in the central picture;

  1. Wear it around your neck, crossing the two rear corners, then take them forward;
  2. Check for the two corners symmetry;
  3. Grab them and tie them once or twice, according to your preferred length;
  4. Arrange the foulard so to fall exactly in the center.

Put the foulard on a surface and start folding a corner towards the center. Then make a fold on the same side. Repeat the same operation for the opposite side. Finally, put the two halves one on top of the other; you have obtained a fabric stripe (see picture above).

Put it around your neck, leaving an extremity longer than the other one and cross them, taking the longer one below the other one.

Let the longer side make a complete rotation and take it towards the neck, passing below the foulard;

Put it through the ring you’ve just created;

Match the two sides. For more details see the Tie “Simple knot”.

  1. Spread out the foulard on a flat surface and fold it, so to obtain a triangle;
  2. Wear it, putting it on your head at a forehead level;
  3. Take the extremities and tie them backward, on your nape;
  4. Then, take them on the forward, sideways.

Spread out the foulard on a flat surface and fold it, so to obtain a triangle;

Put it around your neck, crossing the extremities backward and, then, take them forward;

Leave them untied.

  1. Spread out the foulard on a flat surface, completely open;
  2. Fold the foulard so to obtain a triangle;
  3. Fold it again so to obtain a smaller triangle;
  4. Put the foulard around your neck, crossing and taking the extremities forward;
  5. Insert the extremities into the fabric, to hide them;
  6. Arrange the point towards a side you like.
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