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Ties hospital


Manager: “Doctor” Veronica Malangone


Do you have some old ties that you usually don’t wear, for some reason, and you would like to wear them again? Send them to us. They will be our “patients”. We will take care of them and they will come back like new!

Through a regeneration, we can solve different problems, like spots, use, flaws, rips, reactivity or volume loss. We can renew your ties collection, by changing their shape and base. For example, an out of fashion 10,0 cm wide tie, could be converted in a fashionable 8,0 cm wide tie. You can have your initials embroidered on it, or simply change the internal lining (the triplure), for having a new product that looks like you have just bought it.

You just have to call the 089 200 136 or send an email (info@dmties.com) for an expert advice regarding the interventions feasability1. Then, whether is possible, we can regenerate your tie. Send your ties with a description of what kind of interventions they need.

The cost of the Ties Hospital ranges from € 15.00 to € 25.00 (VAT included) per piece2, depending on the severity of the case.

The price includes a dry cleaning and a fabric oxygenation treatment.

If you want to buy the service, click here to go to the service purchase page and then press click on the “ADD” button. Every time you click on button “ADD” you’re buying the service for a single tie.

The shipping costs towards our laboratory are on your expense. If the requested interventions amount is more than 69,00 Euros, the shipping costs towards your address will be on our expense.

(1) Our expert advice is a necessary requirement to check if it will be possible to effectively regenerate your tie. This is in your interest, to avoid useless shipping costs. We have been solving even “desperate” cases, in fact we did it in 95% of all cases. However, there are some apparently common problems, that are not possible to solve.

(2) For more elaborated interventions (pick stitching, handmade hems etc.) that require more working time, you will be asked to pay an extra charge. You will know about it before we start working.


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